Jumbo Frames with UCS, Nexus & NetApp

Hi folks, looking for some help in relation to a problem I have hit, which has got me scratching my head!

I have a flexpod system, and customer wanted jumbo frames for NFS from UCS blades to NFS datastores on NetApp.

Now, I know how to do this, and got it all setup correctly.  I should also state that there are some rack mount servers (not UCS) connected into N5K which are also VMware hosts, setup for Jumbo frames to same NFS datastores.

The Rack mounts, Nexus and NetApp were all in place first, and then UCS afterwards.  So here it is:

  • Rack Mounts to NetApp can vmkping @ 8972 no problem
  • Rack Mounts to UCS blade vnics can vmkping @ 8972 no problem
  • UCS blade vnics to Rack Mounts can vmkping @ 8972 no problem
  • UCS blade vnics to NetApp CAN ONLY vmkping @ 1500 ????

I have confirmed jumbo packets on the interfaces connecting to the FI's (I cleared counters and then watched jumbo frames increase), so clearly jumbo frames are leaving FI's to get to Rack Mounts.

Also, nothing to do with vPC etc, as I can vmkping @ 1500 to NetApp, just not at 9000?

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