Another question on compatible CCNA lab hardware


I have just started down the path to CCIE with the first stop being CCNA.

So, I have been looking for a lab setup for home/office (my company is supporting my quest) I can find some older gear available for sale. But I am wondering if the following is also compatible, as work have offered me free use of this equipment.

2811 Series routers with various WIC cards, namely HWIC-1FE, HWIC-1ADSL, WIC-2T, WIC-1AM-v2, there is even a 3G HWIC card somewhere.

2921 Series router with VWIC3-4MFT-T1/E1, WIC-1AM-v2

3750 switches, various models, including 3750 module for the 2811 router..

2960 switches, various models

1800 Series routers, left over Telstra supplied, along with some even older Cisco 837's.


In addition to the above, I have a 2100 Series wireless controller and a few 1131 AP's when I get to the CCNA Wireless.


So, I am looking for some expert guidance on this, so i cna get it all setup, ready to roll..


Thanks in advance.





  • You didn't mention which track of CCIE you want to work on. If it's about the CCIE R&S exam, you don't require ADSL/FXS/FXO modules. The routers ISRs with HWIC-XFE card will work well for the CCIE R&S preparation.

    Good luck!

  • Hi Hari,

    I am starting with R&S, but will also be doing some Wireless.

    These hardware items will be good? Even if I do not use all the cards.

    Please explain HWIC-XFE? I do not believe I am familiar with that model card...


    Thanks for your quick response, and it is the one I wanted to hear too :)


  • Hi,

    Yes, you can utilize these devices for the R&S track since these are ISRs and support almost all the features of CCIE R&S blueprint. I was trying to summarize HWIC-1FE, 2FE in a single word, i.e. HWIC-XFE.

    Good luck!

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