Planning to start the Workbook Vol 1

Hi All


I am watching ATC almost completed 80 videos. Parallely I am planning to start the Workbook Vol 1. Since I don't much of hardware, i have plenty of 3560 Switches along with one 3745 and 3945. I know its jhard to practice all the workbooks or topologies. Can I use IOU and if so how should i begin.


Thanks for your support.






  • Hi trends


    Like many here (I presume) I'm using GNS3 with a couple of 3560's and 3550's, and so far it's working pretty well.  Like you, I'm working through the videos, and once I've finished a video, I'm attempting the corresponding technology lab associated with the video (if there is one)


    GNS3 is working out pretty well to be honest, and has the added bonus of not running up a huge electrical bill (of which my wife is very appreciative!)


    Best regards



  • Hi kmin



    thanks bro for your update. I will try to use the gns3 as well .





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