Lab Site Construction - Sydney

If you can't stand loud noises throughout the day and the occaisional construction worker passing through the office, best to avoid Sydney until the March 2014 timeframe.  That being said, the proctor at this site is amazing so take all this as you will.


  • They generally do construction at night and through the morning up to 8 am.  By 8 am they clear out of the office and the testing area.  You can't really hear much after that.  BTW - get there early - so you can wait with no one around and have the construction workers ask you what you are doing there.   By early I mean as late as 7:45.   I sat there till after 8am and by that time I had gotten several of the construction workers up to speed as to what the exam was about.   Several of them asked me on the way out how I did.   It was kind of like having Cisco fans waiting for the results.  

    At breaks you have to walk to another floor to use the restroom and there is no access - meaning someone has to take you.  (you have two proctors)  Using the restoom is a BIG waste of your clock in this facility - wait for lunch to go.

    To be honest - ambient noise won't be your problem.   The lame short eraserless dull pencils were the worst! Did Cisco buy these at some SAT garage sale? A voting booth??  a church pew???  I could hardly see what I was writing and there were no pens.     At lunch they bring in a sandwich and drink for you - to be honest - it isn't as nice as San Jose where you just go to the Cisco cafeteria.   I mean ... COME ON!   if you don't pass this meal is all I have... so let's take it up a notch!  How about more than a 10 oz OJ?    BTW - don't expect to get any cisco memorabilia in Sydney office - they are all in storage and no one knew where to get a shirt or a coffee mug.  They did have a descent coffee machine on the second floor that the proctor let us use.  Proctor was excellent but a very strong accent.  I can only imagine being a foreigner and not understanding the accent - Would be very difficult.  He was a very nice guy but ask me about what he said to me in the elevator and I couldn't tell you.

    I think you should at least get a T-shirt from the whole experience... I mean if you think about it... it wouldn't be that expensive.

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