about ping in a INE WB1 lab



need help.

I'm trying to work out the Lab from WB1

and after I set up the DHCP server on the SW1 two connected phones receive their IPs.

but when I'm trying to ping them from R1 - I receive about 50 percent successful...


the next my attempt is to move the DHCP server from SW1 to R1. and the result is about 80 percent successful.


What does it mean? it's not just a theoretical question. the access to the phone web page is very slow and not stable (sometimes it fails)


P.S. try it on two different racks... the result is the same




  • JoeMJoeM ✭✭✭

    I am not in the INE voice program, nor do I understand the lab scenario.

    That being said, having 50-80% ping success sounds like there is a loop. 

                  What are the results of a traceroute?

                  Did the DHCP server give a default gateway?

  • Ok, sorry, my mistake...

    the scenario has R1 which communicates with SW1.

    SW1 has 2 IP phones on it.

    connectivity between SW1 and R1 is fine - no problem at all.

    I use the lab method of setting up the DHCP server - on SW1.

    both phones receive its IPs. and yes - dhcp pool has default-gateway, network and option 66 statements.

    the default-gateway in the dhcp pool is the IP of R1 interface.

    and there I have a very bad picture in ping - about 50 percent


    the second method is to set up the dhcp pool on R1. everyting in dhcp pool is the same as on the SW1.

    and both phones receive its IPs.

    and there I have 80 percent of successful pings...

  • I also am not sure about the workbook scenario specifics, but did you make sure to exclude addresses from your DHCP pool for devices that may have static IP addresses on the subnet?

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