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please see this question since I failed to understand and answer it

Refer to the exhibit. ROUTE Enterprises has many stub networks in their enterprise network, such as router B and its associated network. EIGRP is to be implemented on router A so that neither the prefix for the S/0/0/0 interface nor the prefixes from router B appear in the routing tables for the router in the enterprise network.
Which action will accomplish this goal?


A. Declare router B a stub router using the eigrp stub command.
B. Use the passive-interface command for interface Serial0/0/0.
C. Use a mask with the network command to exclude interface Serial0/0/0.
D. Implement a distribute list to exclude the link prefix from the routing updates.




  • I think it's talking about the route-filtering option. So, my answer would be using "distribute-list. 

  • A. Stub router will still advertise connected and summary so S0/0/0 will be announced.

    B. Passive-Interface will stop A becoming neighbors with B but will still be able to announce S0/0/0

    C. Excluding S0/0/0 from Network WILL stop A from advertising S0/0/0 or anything from B

    D. Distribute-list I am not sure EIGRP will filter locally originated routes(in this case connected S0/0/0).

    I think the answer is C.

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    Interesting problem.  I am not sure that any of the answers are 100% correct.

    C. seems to be the closest, by just removing router B as a neighbor


    a.   no.   B is already a stub.

    b.   no.   This will still advertise the s0/0/0 prefix (while bringing down the neighbor)

    c.   yes??  This may achieve the objective of removing the s0/0/0 prefix , but a neighbor statement would keep the router B connected prefixes

    d.   no??   1/2 the objective is achieved.  but router B prefixes still not filtered.

  • Perhaps you could tell us where you came across this question? Which workbook or exam simulator did it come from? What did they say was the right answer, and why?

  • Oudmaster, could you please try and re posting the image. Iam not able to see the topology.




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