Cab/Brussels/Charleroi Airport

Hey guys,


I was checking the flights to Charleroi Airport at Brussels, it seems to be cheaper than fly to Brussels Airport (next  to cisco ).

I am planning to go on Friday and spend the weekend there. My exam will be on Monday, so I dont need to worry about the time to arrive at Belgium. My only doubt is: I finish the exam at 17:00 and the flight is at 20:30. Do you think that is possible to be at Charleroi airport in time ? Have you ever done that before ? Did you use any shuttle bus or cab ? 


What do you think it is worth, flight to Charleroi and maybe get a cab to city center or flight via airlingus and be next to cisco.




  • Charleroi is too far from Brussels to use a cab. If you fly in there you want to get a train to Brussels. I live near Mons and will be taking the train to Brussels and spending the night near Cisco.

  • Hi Renato

    I tried this when I did my first attempt a long time ago now.  It's a long trek from Charleroi to Brussels, so what you would save in an air fare you would spend on a cab.  At least Brussels main airport is close enough to Cisco, and the last thing you want to be doing as time moves on is to be clock watching and getting stressed out about getting back to Charleroi in time for your flight.  In my experience, it's worth paying the extra money to AerLingus if you are flying out of Dublin, if for nothing else than knowing that you wont be under pressure at the end of the exam to get back to the airport.  And there isnt an awful lot to do in Charleroi airport if you miss your flight!


    Just my two cents



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