5.9 Before start, no shut int s0/1/0 of R4

Because we shut it in task 5.8.

At this rate, it is an aortic rupture.



  • Yes, you should enable the interface for the different task if required & is disabled in the previous task.



    But Hari,


    It is true in that interface.


    On the flip side, Metric Weights and Delay are different.

    We have changed them in task 5.13 and 5.14.

    And the rest of the tasks are based on their conditions.

    What is worse, no caveats are written. 

  • So, where is the issue? You have been asked to configure metric weight on 5.13 task. Only delay value is used for the metric calculation excluding bandwidth option .i.e. K1. So, there shouldn't be issue with this particular task.

    Hope this answers your question. :)


    Sorry, I got carried away.

    Am all over the place lately with tons of work.


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