ip igmp snooping queestion


Just looking at the ip igmp snooping querier [ip address] command and get the fact that this is used when multicast traffic does not need to be routed, but my question is what is the IP address referring to?  Is this the SVI of the vlan, or some other device on the vlan segment that can send the igmp queries (and what device would that be? another router?)




  • Hi Dominic,

    In order to reduce the bandwidth consumption and minimize the flooding in the particular VLAN, you can use "igmp snooping" feature and the IGMP snooping querier is configured with the IP address of the source of query. It can be the SVI IP address or any kind of physical interfaces, just you need to make sure that it is the source of IGMP query.




  • i believe the 'ip address' option is there in case there are multiple queriers on a vlan and you want to make sure your one is better or worse for whatever reason

    say if a pim enabled router is  connected to this vlan and has ip address ,  if you set your querier ip address to be  -- you will be become the active querier in that LAN segment as lowest IP wins.

    can be any IP  as its not related to any kind of routing -- is just the source ip of the igmp query messages.



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