(config-if) # interface range SERIAL


No such thing?


That would be helpful in task 5.16,

but nowhere to be seen.






  • Hi Sakamoto,

    The "interface range" command is available for the interfaces as shown below:

    I-WAN(config)#interface range ?

      FastEthernet       FastEthernet IEEE 802.3

      GigabitEthernet    GigabitEthernet IEEE 802.3z

      LongReachEthernet  Long-Reach Ethernet interface

      Loopback           Loopback interface

      Tunnel             Tunnel interface

      Vlan               Vlan IEEE 802.1q

      macro              macro keyword

    Good Luck!

    Thanks, Hari.


    This is a serious problem.


  • This is a serious problem.

    Really? In the context of all the things you need to learn for CCIE, this is not even a minor annoyance.

  • This is a serious problem.



    True, true.

    I was wondering, compared with fas, serial has less interface.

    That might be the reason.




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