Help with installing UCCX on Windows 2003 SP2



I was wondering if someone could assist me with reinstalling UCCX on my CCIE lab.  I have been able to install it in the past and now I am not able to recall how I did it. 


On my VMware I have Windows 2003 SP2 running.  After installation of the Windows, I did a registry hack to mimic a Cisco machine.   


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARECisco Systems, Inc.Systems InfoOS Image]









Yet after those modifications, which I thought I only needed to do, I am still receiving this error:

Computer hardware provided by Cisco Systems, inc. is required to install cisco unified contact center express. installation will now abort



I know it is probably something simple I am overlooking, but I am not finding it in my notes.


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