Ping to local IP address

In all the labs I have used with INE I dont remeber any requirements where we need to be able to ping our local ip address's when testing full reachability using the TCL scripts.

I have recently used some of CISCO's 360 labs and they do require you to have full reachability to all ip address's including local ip's. So for frame relay interfaces where required you need to apply L3-2-L2 maps for local ip's.

Here's my problem, Im doing VOL 2 lab 15 and I'm testing reachability to ALL ip's including locals. Ive added the frame maps and thats fine, BUT whats not working is when I try to ping my local ip address that is defined as a virtual interface used for PPPoE. 

Not sure what I need to enable me to ping the local Virtual interface, any ideas?

Same goes for the clients dialer interface.


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