No Display Name for Outgoing Call

Is there a way to get the called phone's display name to show up on the calling phone?

E.g. if a call comes in from the PSTN the called phone sees the caller's name and phone number, however, the PSTN phone just shows the dialled number

The same happens placing a call out to the PSTN

Or is this two way exchange of display names limited to internal calls

Obviously the caller should know who they've called in the first place but I'm wondering if I've missed a step


  • Hi

    Can you please be more specific. Do you want to achieve the name to be displayed when you are calling from the PSTN side or when you are dialing from the IP Phones?


    As far as I understood what you are trying to achieve here are the steps:

    For CUCM side:

    On the dn page do following:

    In the alert name set the name that you want to be displayed. e.g User1

    Similarly, if you want your name to be displayed when you are calling from IP phones then on the dn page go to display name(internal) and mention the name that you want to be displayed. e.g User1


    For PSTN side

    On the ephone-dn run the "name" command:


    ephone-dn 1

    numb 1111

    name ABC

    Also make sure that you have checked the display-ie check-box on your gateways.



  • I want the calling phone to display the name of the called party, whether it's coming from the PSTN or the IP phones

    As an example when HQ phone 1 calls a PSTN number all it shows is the number that was dialled, whereas the PSTN phone is showing the callers name and number, so there doesn't seem to be any display information coming back from the PSTN phone

    All the DNs on the PSTN gateway have a number and label but I don't see that if the call goes out to the PSTN, whereas I do if a call comes in from the PSTN

    On the H323 gateway for instance there seems to be no IE option for incoming calls, other than redirected numbers

    So just wondering if it's possible because if I do a debug isdn q931 I see display information for the calling party but just the phone number of the called party

  • Hi

    Have you gone through the steps that I have mentioned?

    Run this command:

    voice service voip

    no supplementary-service h225 cid-update

  • The display option for h323 gateway on cucm is with "display ie delivery". Make sure you have checked it. If its unchecked it can be the reason that you are unable to send the name for IP phones.

  • You can use a TCL script on the voice gateway which contains a list of numbers against names and it will then display the external callers name on the IP Phone, if the number is matched within the list. There is quite an old blog post on the Cisco support forum for this, i have just checked it and link to download the files is broken but i'm sure its still out on the web somewhere.




  • Let me see if I can explain this better

    The alerting information you mentioned is already in place; the person receiving the call sees display information

    I don't have any issues with internal calls mind, just PSTN calls

    So if IP phone 1 rings IP phone 2 they both see display information

    But if the PSTN rings in or an IP Phone rings out to the PSTN phone, the phone that makes the call doesn't see display information but the phone that receives the call does

    Anyway, I added the command you suggested to an H323 gateway but unfortunately it made no difference

    And the problem I'm seeing affects both SIP trunks and H323 gateways

  • The Display IE Delivery box is checked on the H323 gateway

    Isn't that for information sent in outgoing calls though?

    My issue is with information not coming back on outgoing calls

    E.g. if phone 1 rings the PSTN the PSTN phone see's phone 1's display name and phone number, but all that phone 1 sees is the number that was dialled

    And it's the same if the PSTN phone rings say phone 1. Phone 1 will see the line label and phone number, but all that the PSTN phone sees is the number that was dialled

    And that doesn't change once the call is answered either

  • An interesting idea but not something I think would show up on the lab

    If this behaviour is normal though then I can live with it

  • Hi

    Didn't understand your query completely.

    if you want name to be displayed on the PSTN phone you can create directories. E.g whenever you dial from the PSTN then the name of the number will be displayed according to the name that has been mentioned in the directory. There can be other methods also for doing the same.

  • It's a normal behavior you don't have to worry if your PSTN phone does not show the name. Because PSTN does not have the database that stores all your data.

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