VTP3 and MST instance propagation.

What do i need to configure so the server can push MST instance configuration to the clients.


I configured vtp domain, changed to version 3 on all switches. 


spanning-tree mst 

spanning-tree mst configuration


name MST1  

on all switches and instance is still not propagated. Not sure how VTP can push it. Do i need more config? 




  • Hi Qomat,

    I think you are missing something here, please try configuring vtp specific command for mst as given below:

    Rack1Sw2(config)#vtp mode server mst 

    Setting device to VTP Server mode for MST.


    Rack1Sw2#sh vtp status 

    VTP Version capable             : 1 to 3

    VTP version running             : 3

    VTP Domain Name                 : ccie

    VTP Pruning Mode                : Disabled

    VTP Traps Generation            : Disabled

    Device ID                       : 001e.bd06.0300

    Apart from the usual usual output for VTP configuration, you should also see the following output for MST.

    Feature MST:


    VTP Operating Mode                : Server

    Configuration Revision            : 0

    Primary ID                        : 0000.0000.0000

    Primary Description               : 

    MD5 digest                        : 



    Feature UNKNOWN:


    VTP Operating Mode                : Transparent


    Hope this helps!

  • Hi,


    Have you mapped exactly the same vlans in to this instance on all switches ? If not I think you need to do that first...


  • Thanks.


    I think i was missing that command. 

    Also my server although it was only one server in the domain wasn't the authorative to push updates. Forgot the message (kind of it's not primary) I pushed it with some vtp mode server primary command and if i had this command u mention it probably work.


  • Whole point of my excerice was to push it not define it per switch. 


    Thanks though 

  • After learning more about VTP v3, I had the same question about the MST enhancement... 

    Besides changing the VTP mode to vtp mode server mst you also have to go on the VTP MST Server and make it the primary MST server by issuing the command vtp primary mst in order for the MST config to propagate out to other switches....

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