5.5 The following precondition must be added

We were in 00:00:00 1 Jan 2030”




    I have set

    clock set 00:00:00 1 Jan 2030

    to all nodes from R1 to BB3.



  • Hi Sakamoto,

    Yes, you should set the exact clock time in order to test the MD5 authentication in EIGRP since it is time based configuration. Your key 20 will be effective once the time is set to 00:00:00 1 Jan 2030. Otherwise, it will refer to the first key, i.e. Key 10.

    Good luck


    Hi, Hari


    Appreciate your help.

    Have been annoying the words [valid now] of key 20.


    We were in 8848, oops, 2030.


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