Routing Tunning

hi all

in my company we have two networks as they appear in this picture.



in network A, in database server, we are running our company information system software.

clients from network A are running without problem when they connect to the database server.

however, in network B, the clients fail to do that.

static routes are there and I am able to ping from PC-2 all servers in network A. I even tried to put Network A DNS server in PC-2 but the same problem occur.

any thing can be done in the router to solve this issue ?



  • peetypeety ✭✭✭

    Static routes pointing to address or interface?

    All devices set to use the router as their default gateway?

    Proxy ARP disabled everywhere?

    Router of a sufficient size to handle the load of database queries?

    Switches "clean and green"?

    Probably time to hire a consultant to troubleshoot in depth, rather than trying a shotgun approach to free tech help.

  • Hi,

    Please check for any kind of firewall policy or make sure that the port number of the service is open. You can test the port reachability using "telnet <ip address> <port no>" from the PC2. 

    Hope this helps!

  • First of all, with regard to your network, that you use just one router to connect two networks together, you will not need to use any static routes on router, because the routes are in the routing table of the router as "Connected". and second, if you can ping between two networks, that means you don't have any native routing problem (including default gateway, etc); but you should check the security portion of the story, even on router and test the port availability.

  • Quick List of verification:



    Firewall Policy


    Default Gateway

    Proxy ARP

  • Did the system ever work or is it new? If it worked, trace back to what might have changed in policies. Most of the steps have been covered by previous commenters.

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