5.4 ip authentication mode eigrp 10 md5


To specify the type of authentication, this command is necessary.

But, come to think of it.

In EIGRP, there is no authentication except for MD5.

Plain text is out of question.

Then, why is this command necessary?


ip authentication key-chain eigrp 10 MD5_KEYS

is good enough to peceive both AS number and key-chain.




Or just a legacy of RIP’s authentication?





  • Hi,

    The first command is used just to enable the MD5 authentication for EIGRP. I don't think that there is any other specific reason of doing so, its just a syntax to enable MD5 authentication. Yes, the second command is sufficient for EIGRP authentication as the plain-text is not available within the EIGRP.

    Or just a legacy of RIP’s authentication?


    No, it doesn't have any dependancy over RIP since it is an open standard routing protocol whereas, EIGRP was developed by Cisco.

    Good luck!


    Hi, Hari


    Thanks, just a syntax.

    And no relation with RIP.


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