8.5 PIM Assert

Hello Everyone!

I have some really strange behavior with this task. First off to even make it work at all I had to add "No IP mroute-cache" to R5 S0/0/0. Second I had to add network to R6 OPSF 1 process. That gave me IGP connectivity. I think there is a redistribution problem between Eigrp and OSPF on R6, but I didn't go there.

So after all that, I get this output on R1:

PIM(0): Assert metric to source is [80/20]
PIM(0): We win, our metric [80/20]

(*,, 00:14:16/stopped, RP, flags: DC
  Incoming interface: Null, RPF nbr
  Outgoing interface list:
    FastEthernet0/0, Forward/Sparse-Dense, 00:14:16/00:00:00
    Serial0/0.1, Forward/Sparse-Dense, 00:14:16/00:00:00

(,, 00:14:14/00:00:50, flags: PT
  Incoming interface: FastEthernet0/0, RPF nbr
  Outgoing interface list:
    Serial0/0.1, Prune/Sparse-Dense, 00:14:15/00:00:46, A

Even though R1 won the Assert, it pruned the interface. Here is R6s output on mtrace:

-1 None  []
-2 PIM  []
-3 PIM  []
-4 PIM  []

And finally, R4s sh ip mroute

(*,, 00:11:13/stopped, RP, flags: DC
  Incoming interface: Null, RPF nbr
  Outgoing interface list:
    Serial0/0/1, Forward/Sparse-Dense, 00:11:13/00:00:00
    FastEthernet0/1, Forward/Sparse-Dense, 00:11:13/00:00:00

(,, 00:11:12/00:02:54, flags: T
  Incoming interface: Serial0/0/1, RPF nbr
  Outgoing interface list:
    FastEthernet0/1, Forward/Sparse-Dense, 00:11:13/00:00:00


So why if R1 wins the Assert, does it prune and why doesn't R4 concede? Also, does anybody have a true fix for the underlying IGP problem? I have read a few things on here, but they seemed like fixes for configs that people had already modified. image




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