Can't get F2E Ports to L3. - ERROR: Ethernet1/15: requested config change not allowed

We are running a 7010 with N7K-F248XP-25E and N7K-M132XP-12L cards.  We are on n7000-s2-dk9.6.2.2a and can mix the ports in our VDC's with no problem.  I was trying to configure the F2 ports as layer 3 ports, but get the following.

xus-nv01-cr01-prod(config)# int e1/15

xus-nv01-cr01-prod(config-if)# no switchport

ERROR: Ethernet1/15: requested config change not allowed

I can not add the port to a newly created vrf, as the vrf member command is not available.  It works fine with the M ports of course.  I have found no support online and I am sure it is something easyily missed but I am at a complete loss.  The same is true in any of the VDC's that we have created.


  • So, what I have found is that if you have F2e ports and M ports in the same VDC, the F card still uses the M card for routing and you can non configure the ports as L3 or add them to a VRF.  I had to create a seperate VDC with only the F ports, change the limit-resource type to only f2e , and then I was able to run the no switchport command.  I can create the L3 ports and then connect them to my other VDC's and run the routing between them.

    The new 6.2 code is supposed to allow you to mix F2E ports and M ports in the same VDC, that is true, but not if you want the F ports to be Layer3.  Kind of defeats the purpose in my opinion, but for those of you who will try the same, here is your fix.


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