5.1 EIGRP Network Statement - Task Bullet 3

Any new interfaces added should not automatically have EIGRP enabled
on them regardless of their IP addresses.

The solution guide indicated that a network wild card statement of is the appropriate answer.  When I came up with my answer, i used for the /24 networks on each router.

My Logic:
The logic I used to come up with my answer is this, since each interface on the routers were in a /24 subnet, you can not add another interface to the router that will occupy the same space as those networks.  If one were to add an IP that was outside any of those subnets, it still wouldn't be advertised into EIGRP since I only included networks in the /24 mask.  Both answers are correct in my mind.

I assessed each potential pittfall as such:
1: EIGRP advertisements - This is a no go because EIGRP will send the prefixe's subnet in the updates based on what is configured on the interfaces, not the wild card mask
2: Changing the subnets - This is a no go because the task specifically said, "Any new interfaces added......"
3: Potential downstream impact - Refer to point number 1


So, considering my logic and thought process for any potential pitfalls, what am I missing here?


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