LAB2-8.1 QOS-alternate soln.


For 8.1 the AK configures the bandwidth un der the interface to be 512KB. Would the config below satisfy the same requirement by making mincir 512KB?

Appreciate any comments?


map-class frame DLCI513

frame-relay mincir 512


class-map SMTP

match access-group name SMTP


policy-map BW

class SMTP

bandwidth 256


ip access-list SMTP

permit tcp any host eq smtp


int ser0/0

frame-relay traffic-shaping

int ser0/0.1

frame-relay interface-dlci 513

class DLCI513




  • Furthermore, if I use nbar is the solution ok?

    class-map match-all SMTP

     match protocol smtp

    policy-map TO_R5

      class SMTP

      bandwidth 256

    I also used a map-class with frame-relay cir 512000 and didn't applied the bandwidth command on the interface.

    Hope anyone can help.


  • Hi mate,

    The latter solution with NBAR is not correct because you are ignoring the importance of IP address/port information of that "particular" server. Just ask youself "what if there were 10 other SMTP servers sitting up there" ? - you need to focus on that particular server and not all SMTP sessions.





  • Thanks a lot, you are definitely right, I read the task again and it specifies "SMTP packets TO and FROM the server".


  • What about using NBAR as well as the access-list?



    Class-map match-al SMTP

    match protocol SMTP

    Match access-group 1


    access-list 1 permit



    Obviously this is adding an extra line of code, but does this solution still work?

  • Let me add my thoughts here,

    First off all we have AR=512 kbps. So we have to specify this value under interface as bandwith command or as minCIR under map-class that will be added under main interface. 

    If you used this as minCIR under map-class and you add service-policy with CBWFQ configuration to this map-class it will work but what if new PVCs will be added under S1/1 on R3 in the future. Then they suffer.

    ACL has to definitly be add to specify server IP.

  • hi

    i think this task very simple MQC task however i only confused about one thiks which is the application of the service policy

    we put the bandwith command in the main interface

    now what about if we apply the service policy using a class map and apply it under that subinterface


    for example


    map-class fram-rely DLCI513

    sevice-policy output p1


    while p1 is a policy that has a class map for smtp traffic



    interface serial 0/0

    bandwidth 512

    int s0/0.1

    frame-relay class DLCI512


    is this a valid way

    i mean lets assume we have tow sub interfaces in this case the SG solution will not be valid if we want to grantee the traffic thorugh one interface

    am i right ?


    one more thing what about if we put the bandwidth command under the sub interface as well ?? i havnt try it but what is the point of this ?


    thank you

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