Desk Phone Control missing on CUPS server

I don't know if I'm going crazy from all of the studying, or something corrupted, or I'm looking right at it and just can't find it.  I can't seem to locate "Deskphone Control" on my CUPS server??  In Mark's deep dives and lab walkthroughs I can clearly see the menu structure as  Application - Deskphone Control.  Do I have the wrong version?  I am using version




  • Did you ever resolve this, I am missing this option as well.

    CUCM was missing the IPCC extension; but got an SQL string for that.

    Do let me know - thanks!

  • I never figured out why Deskphone control was not there.  It has to be a minor version difference.  The CUCM CTI Gateway section under the application menu is what you are looking for to configure deskphone control.  I was able to successfully complete all of the tasks using that section.


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