Redistribute VS Network statement

I would like to get your opinion on something: 

This example is taken from Lab 4 (could be applied to many other labs). In the interest of saving time, when I am asked to advertise all of the loopbacks on each router on both ASes (AS1000 and AS2000) from VRF FOO into BGP, what is MUCH easier for me to do is something like this:


route-map LOOPBACK1_VRF_FOO permit 10

match interface loopback 1

router bgp 1000

address-family ipv4 unicast vrf FOO

red conn route-map LOOPBACK1_VRF_FOO



I can type this up in notepad, go around pasting it into all of the routers in the AS, then change AS1000 to AS2000 and paste it into all routers in AS2000. This accomplishes the same thing as having a network statement in the end, but it saved me a bunch of time.

Also, when you get to the IPv6 section, we are asked to do the SAME reusing this same technique (and same route-map) is a beautifuly fast and easy way to do it. 

My question: Should this method be used in the lab? Of course, if they clearly say "do not use redistribution" then it would be clear that we cant use this...but if we are not told otherwise, then would you use it? 





  • I use the same approach as you under the same assumed constraints. Typing out network statements leads to typos and 'ah *@#$ ctrl+w' syndrome.

    At least with the route map you know you are hitting each router in the exact same way and if you get the desired result on one you know it's good on the others. Of course thats assuming the loopback numbering convention is the same all over the network.

  • Of course thats assuming the loopback numbering convention is the same all over the network.

    Yes, this is what I meant...Lab 4 is a perfect example because all of the loopbacks in VRF FOO are "Loopback1". This is why for me it was a no brainer to just do the route-map everywhere. 

    My question was geared more towards "correctness" for the actual lab. I personally don't think that this would be a problem (unless I am told that I MUST do a network statement, or that I MUST NOT do redistribution). 

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