5.1 Multicast RP assignment




The task asks us to :

Configure R3 as the RP for the following multicast groups: - - - -

Dont have any issues with this task but I did want to confirm something:

When using Auto RP and BSR with an ACL the code will convert wildcard masks into prefix-lengths therefore it would not be possible to use a single acl to summerise the above address ranges.

The solution is used static RP assignment, so I would like to confirm STATIC RP's assignments act different and it does NOT convert wildcard masks into prefix, therefore allowing us to perform the summerisation into 1 ACL entry :




  • When dealing with such a task in the lab exam, you have to be very specific to the decimal number and convert it into the binary, then run XOR operation. Once you get the correct wild card mask, as you got 48 in this particular calculation, you can apply it with the single access-list entry which fulfills the task requirement without violating the rule.

    So, if you fail to calculate the necessary bits, you can never apply it as required since your entry is changed automatically if you don't have the proper combination of network id & wild card mask. Anyways, your understanding is correct here!

    Good luck!

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