Gatekeeper and CUCM trunk

Hi all,

I am configuring Gatekeeper and CUCM via trunk controlleb by GK. I wonder Will the CUCM receive tech-prefix (1#0) and Dialed number or only dialed number?

In the trunk configuration, if I set or not set Significant Digits (4 digits), it is still ok.


Anybody explain for me?



  • Hi

    well , it depends from your configuration...i mean for example if u have a GK in the middle of CUCM and CUCME and your register both with a tech prefix of 2# and you don't use a default tech prefix configured on the GK , and if you configure CUCME to send a call with a tech prefix in the outgoing dial-peer then yes u will receive it along with your dialed number.

    Then on the trunk depending from the lenght of your dialing plan if u have 4 it will be stripped in incoming or alternative you can use a translation pattern in the case u want to use trunk GK for teho and u need all the dialed number .

    In the case you use a default technology prefix equal to the tech prefix with both CUCM and CUCME register with GK  you don't need to do any digit manipulation for strip it becouse u don't need to send a tech prefix with your dialed digits .


    Sorry for my english i hope it is clear :)




  • Hi,

    you said that we can configure in outbound dialpeer for sending tech-prefix with DN. How can do that ?




  • Hi Thuc

    under dial-peer voip simply.... tech-prefix   :)

    for example:

    dial-peer voice 10 voip

    destination-pattern 1...

    tech-prefix 2#

    dtmf-relay h245-signal

    session target ras





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