7.4 - Congestion management


Anyone can explain how following solution would work for burst traffic of 7.5M and queue length of 20 packets as asked by section 7.4

Policy xyz-gurantee

   class xyz

     bandwidth 2500

thank you


  • No idea.  I have the same question.  I did this because of that 20 packet and max burst to 7.5 Mbps comment.  I'm not sure if this will even work:


    access-list 174 permit ip any
    class-map match-all XYZ321
     match access-group 174
    policy-map XYZ321
     class XYZ321
      police cir 2500000 pir 7500000
        conform-action transmit
        exceed-action transmit
        violate-action drop
      bandwidth 2500
      queue-limit 20
    map-class frame-relay FRTS
     service-policy output XYZ321


  • Isn't this policy applied to the interface which was configured with FRTS in previous task? If yes, limit 20 packets and burst up to 7.5M are controlled by map-class/FRTS.

    So remaining part would be only about guarantee 2.5M in case of congestion.

    This is my understanding of the task/solution.



  • Seba,

    That is how I see it.  The lesson of this task is...   Beware of the wording of each task and factor in previous task objectives if necessary.

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