Mock Labs

I’m planning on buying two Mock labs. One 3 months before my lab and one 1,5 month before the lab to assess how well prepared I am. So far I’ve mainly done IE labs and I’ve gotten quite acquainted with the topology and the IP addressing used. I no longer need to look on what switch port a router is connected and the IP addresses used come very naturally to me and so do the writing style in the labs.


  • Question 1: Do the IE mock labs use the same topology, IP addressing scheme and writing style that many of us are very comfortable with?

  • Question 2: If I’m just going to take two Mock labs are there any special Mock labs that are better then others?

  • Question 3: If I were to take a Mock lab from another vendor are there any recommendations anyone can give me?

  • Question 4: Any other recommendations regarding Mock labs you can give me?


  • 1) Yes.  There is a rumor that they may be rolling out some new mock labs with different topologies, but the current mock labs use the familiar IE topology.

    2) You can preview the mock labs at  I would choose a level 7 or 8 for your first lab.  Based on the results of that lab, you can decide what difficulty level your second lab should be.

    3) You can use the free Volume III lab from IPexpert along with a rack rental from Proctor Labs to basically get a $35 mock lab (Google "$35 Mock Lab").  A lot of candidates strongly recommend one or both of the CCIE Assessor labs.

    4) Personally, I would do as many as you can afford and try to simulate the actual lab environment as closely as you can.  Mock labs help you develop important lab strategies.  Check out for mock lab results from candidates who went on to pass the lab.

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