8.1 Legacy Frame-Relay (placement of class)

I understand the correct numbers for this excercise, and how they were calculated.  No problem here.

But I do have a doubt about where I can put the class -- VC vs Interface.


The SolutionGuide places the map-class into the VC's for on all three devices in the frame-relay (R3,R4,R5).


My strategy was:

  • R3 (two circuits):  place the map-class into the VC's/DLCI's 
  • R4/R5 (one circuit each):    place the class-map on the interface.


This required a little less configuration, and I have not found anything (WB-1) saying that I cannot place legacy MAP-CLASS directly on the interfaces.


Thanks for any clarification on this.



  • JoeMJoeM ✭✭✭

    My output for R4.     It shows extra VC's, even with no frame-relay inverse arp.  I have no idea how those other VC's were populated.

           Access Target    Byte   Sustain   Excess    Interval  Increment Adapt
    VC     List   Rate      Limit  bits/int  bits/int  (ms)      (bytes)   Active
    413           256000    320    2560      0         10        320       -
    405           256000    320    2560      0         10        320       -
    402           256000    320    2560      0         10        320       -
    401           256000    320    2560      0         10        320       -
    403           256000    320    2560      0         10        320       -
    <--only active VC


    SHOW FRAME-RELAY MAP gives the following. It only shows the one active VC (correct):

    Serial0/0 (up): ip dlci 403(0x193,0x6430), static,
                  CISCO, status defined, active



    EDIT:    this same output also happens on R5.   populated VC's for show traffic-shape ,  but only one active (populated) in frame map.

  • The FR switch will tel the DTE end of all the PVC provisioned for it. So its normal to see the extra VCs. Though they UNUSED.

    Try show frame pvc | i DLCI you will see that they show up as STATUS: ACTIVE/USAGE: UNUSED

    Only the one you use (403) will show up as ACTIVE/USAGE LOCAL



  • JoeMJoeM ✭✭✭

    I just put the command, and they do show up as they should.  UNUSED/USED     This matches the Frame Map

    But this still goes back to my initial QoS doubt about the placement of a legacy MAP-CLASS.      Can the MAP-CLASS be placed on the interface, or should we always place them on the VC's?  I do not seen an example of the legacy shaping being put directly on the interface.

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