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My apologies if this is a repeat question - I wasn't able to find the answer doing a search through the forums. Does it matter what order I approach the Workbook I labs?

My main method of study is working through workbook labs with GNS3 and VoD.




  • There's a few different schools of thought.

    You might want to start with these blog entries:

  • I think everyone has their own method but I recommend doing all the Vol1 labs first before doing the Vol2 labs.

    If you move straight to Vol2 you will likely get overwhelmed. Vol2 labs are good but I don't think you need to do them all. It's good practice but people tend to only the workbook labs and forget to create their own scenarios.

    I recommend that you also create own scenarios, you gain a lot for both configuration skills and troubleshooting skills if you can build your own topologies and troubleshoot them.

    Vol3 is to build speed on your core topics. These don't take that much time to do so I recommend you do these to build up your speed. You must be very fast with L2 and IGP. Try to put things like PPP, PPPoFR and things like that into your labs so that you feel comfortable with it.

    I don't know what's the plan for Vol4 but the newer TS labs are a closer fit to the real thing so start out with those and then look at Vol4. What I did when I practiced for TS lab was to build my own topologies and learn how to verify everything and then break stuff by putting duplicate router ID, mismatch in authentication and things like that and then learn how to quickly identify it.

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