CCIE R&S Study Partners over Skype

Looking to form a small study group for studying CCIE R&S. If a
study plan is desired for those joining we can go over one. My initial
thought was it just use as a means of accountability, meaning everyone
joined the Skype chat and then studies on their own (however this can
certainly be discussed if something more interactive is wanted). Post
back to this thread of PM me if interested.

I'm on EST timezone



  • Hi,

    The timezone doesn't match mine but don't hesitate to share with us your questions/answers in this Team.


  • Hi,


    The time doesn't match to me as well, but we can exchange our mails to exchange information.

    when do you intend to do the lab exam ?



  • I'm on the west coast and the skype thing sounds interesting.

  • I am in too. In GMT +00:00 But it's no big issue.



  • I am a Network engineer with 4 yrs exp working presently in " CISCO Systems India pvt ltd " in Data Centre Implementation Team

    Presently Me & one of my friend Srinu is preparing for CCIE RnS
    Lab & about to began INE Workbook Vol 1 with ATC Videos & TCP/IP
    vol 1 .

    We are looking for Damn serious students who are preparing for CCIE
    RnS LAB and had just Began their journey. we had 7-8 months plan

    & we have our own LAB setup too , if anyone interested please reply with their email & contact address ASAP :)


    Thanks & Regards

    Amarpreet Singh

    email : [email protected]

    Skype : amarpreet.singh10

    FB : amar.b.calm

    ph : 07259940517

    City : Bangalore , India

  • I am not sure why isnt my post getting through on this thread as its being successfully uploaded on other threads.

  • Hi guys, count me in too. my e-mail is [email protected] and I am from london.

  • Moving this is google chat since its free to have multiple people. Those who are interested please email me at [email protected] and let me know your timezone.



  • Count me in, I am in EST

    I just bought a ccie r&s lab from Ebay and puttiing it together.

    Did you gus clear written yet?


  • You will find Google Hangouts to be a better platform for group studies.

    Maximum of 10 people

    Built-in screen sharing

    Darn good audio quality

    Chat is acceptable and is URL aware.  Paste in links and people can click/open them.

  • I think it's not a good idea to work on lab while talking to each others in conference call.  Yes, its possible initially only for the group discussion, but it doesn't sound comfortable for everyone doing like this since all of you have to concentrate over your task. If you run into any issue regarding your workbook tasks, you can posts it here in this forum, lots of experienced and certified people share their views regarding your issue and finally you get the appropriate result. 

    Whenever you start to lab with workbook volume 2 and 3 for mock labs, you won't have time to talk to even yourself [:D]. So, be sure about your plan how thing should go for your CCIE lab to be completed successfully with excellent knowledge.

    Good luck all of you!

  • Guys this is the list of people who want to be part of this study group. Any additions or deletions? I am not sure if Humphrey has done his CCIE or not.


    -          Shamrock

    -          Mak

    -          Omagico

    -          YannStacy

    -          Amarpreet

    -          Bhasan

    -          Thiago

    -          Humphrey Cheung (Not sure)

    -          Kalmogo (E-mail participation only)

    -          Renato (E-mail participation only)

  • Bhasan, how much approx. did you spend on getting the lab from ebay?

  • Just to clarify, this study group is really just meant for accountability purposes. Initially people will show up on Google Chat and the study sessions will be pretty quiet.

    I use the Pomodoro technique when I study (very basic explanation, work for 25mins then take 5 min break), so I'll be using that during the study sessions, but everyone is free to study however they feel.

    I'd like to have our first study meet tomorrow at 7PM EST. Please let me know if this conflicts. I know right now there are allot of names on the list but I'd really like to shrink it down to those who are really committed to at least one hour 3 times a week. Once we get a good rythem and count of people who are committed we can make the sessions longer/more often depending on schedules

    I'll be replying back to this thread tomorrow around 6:30PM EST to send out the link for the google chat




  • hi shamrock, is a great idea


    i have already sent you an email and would like to be added to group.

    [email protected]

  • I was giving a suggestion about Google Hangouts... I'm busy enough with my group.

  • One more thing I forgot to mention. I have the full INE CCIE R&S Lab with all switches and routers setup in my own home lab, as well as some additional 3750's, 3550's and 60's, some ASA5520's, Cisco WSA, additional 2800 routers and some other stuff. I use a copy of SolarWinds ORION to push out the various individual configs to each of the devices for different scenarios. Depending on how the group unfolds in the future we can use this during our study sessions if we work more interactively down the road on more lab stuff together.



  • Hi Shamrock,

    Group study sounds a great idea. It definitely brings commitment to the study. Would it be possible to add me to the list as well. my time zone is US Central time, Email: [email protected].




  • Alright, first study group is on its way. The link is the following:


    If the link isn't available please reply back to this message with your gmail account so I can invite you on the chat. It doesn't "officially" begin until 7PM EST, but I figure I'd get some of the technical stuff out of the way since this is the first one.




  • I would agree Shamrock. We really need people who are committed. I am in GMT +0 timezone. Whats yours?

  • Oops!!! it seems as if i missed this session. just read the messages. when are we having the next one.

    do i need to create a google e-mail account?

  • hi

    when are you planning to start?



  • Hi guys I'm intrusted in too. I'm planning to attempt lab in March 2014

    My E-mail ID is : [email protected]

    I am on GMT/UTC+05:00 Timezone. ( Your timezone perfectly suits me )

  • Hi, kindly send me the link also at the time of next session.

    e-mai ID: [email protected]


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