Looking for other SC Rack Users

Hi everyone


Who is also using the SC Racks?

What tools are you using on your PC for Telnet and what Browsers do you use.

Since the Workbook is only online available do you have two Screens, one for the Lab and one for the Workbook?


A lot of Questions i know but I would like two get the most out of my Racktime :-)


kind regards



  • Just started using the new SC racks.

    I use SecureCRT, just my preference for ease of use.

    I use two monitors for studying, one with SecureCRT and the other with web browser for Workbook/Diagrams.  I used to use three monitors, but gave one to my wife.

    I use Chrome browser, works ok.  One could always install a free PDF writer like CutePDF Writer and print the individual task pages to PDF.  For me, online is better as one will always have the latest updates.

    Happy studying.

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