Multicast MOH - Transcoding

Hi guys,

I was listening/watching Mark Snows Deep Dive videos when I picked up Mark saying that in CUCM version 7.X (not sure if newer versions have changed) transcoders don't support multicast MOH.

I've been trying to find material to support this but can't seem to find any documentation on this. I checked the SRND and I'm pretty sure it's not in there. Just wondering if anyone knows where abouts I would go to find this kind of information?


Karen Cheng


  • Hi, have some thoughts.

    First, there is nothing called 'CUCM Transcoders' because transcoder Media Resources are not local to CUCM servers, they are created on voice gateways using DSP.

    Second, You can control the codec by region settings from CUCM. So why you need the transcoders to support Multicast MoH?

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your reply. It didn't actually answer my question though.

    I wasn't actually after why I would want to transcode a multicast MoH stream. I was asking where I would find Cisco documentation to support Marks statement that transcoders dont support multicast MoH but do support Unicast MoH.

    Mark must have mentioned it for a reason and frankly that was the first time I had heard it.


  • The CUCM will stream the codec you want it use so it isn't required. When you create a new MoH file and upload it to the server, all of the needed bitrates are created at that time.

    Does that make sense?

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