Task 3.2 SG still not there.

OK, so I've exaggerated a little.

The SG shows a traceroute i.e. ICMP following the correct route from R3 but the Tunnel is not ICMP i.e. Protocol 1, but Protocol 41.

If you do a traceroute with the correct PBR on R3 you'll see it doesn't change:




Type escape sequence to abort.

Tracing the route to


  1 12 msec 8 msec 12 msec

  2 12 msec 8 msec 12 msec

  3 20 msec *  20 msec

As it shouldn't.  Only with a match on Protocol 41 will you get a PBR match.  Watch the sh route-map counters go up when the tunnel is configured.

After reading other discussions on this task I see it's been re-worded to make it easier to follow but still doesn't allow PBR!

And finally, the route back to R6 points back to R3 directly as there's no manipulation of the OSPF path selection from R5.

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