Rack Rental with L2VPN Phone registration questions

Hi All,

I'm new on the INE Rack Rental experience, so excuse me if this is a basic question, but I'm knind of lost.

I have a 2801 router and a 3550 switch at home with some 7961s, 7960s and a 7970. I configured my router and switch following the Voice Rack Rental Guide config for L2VPN. The VPN works and I'm able to connect to the CUCM, SW1, R1, R2, R3, etc. The problem is I can't register my phones. I know I need to change the VLANs configured on my switch ports where my phones are connected each time I join a rack session, for example for Rack 02 I need to use VLANs 2021,2022, 2023, and so on. How do these VLANs are mapped to the INE VLAN infrastructure? Let's say VLAN 202X is my Corp-HQ-Phone1 how can I get this VLAN to reach the [email protected] 

Do I need to configure anything on the PSTN router? I tried to add a phone manually on CUCM and it never registered, I also used auto-registration and it didn't work as well.

Any help is appreciated.





  • Can u see ur phones via cdp from the ine switches? U should be able if you are set up correctly.


  • The local VLANs are Q-in-Q tunnels to the remote switches. They don't sepcifically line up with anything in the rack you can change.

    You need to add the ephone on the PSTN router for your local PSTN phone.

    Verify CDP is running.

    Check your VLANs on the remote switches.

    Double check your DHCP configuration on the router. Are your ip helper-addresses set?

    Verify the switchports are UP/UP on the rack switches.

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