SecureCRT Users - The Magic Login Script for INE Racks is here!

Hello Friends,

I've created a small python script to help me login on INE's racks, I am sharing it hoping you will find it useful. 

This is beerware, please pay me a beer if you find it useful, I won't accept online payment, you pay me if one day we meet in person!

First - setup your sessions like this:


Then you setup your Session autologin info like this (link):

Script settings

Then it will automatically login on that session using the rackUSER + Session Name. Thus if your rack rental info says you have rack42, edit the script and set rackUSER to "rack42". If the session name is R1, when you open that session it will send rack42R1 as username. It will send rackPASS as password.

The script is here.

I am hoping the script's purpose is clear, you can easily setup all multiple telnet sessions to auto login by editing one single file. I am pretty sure there are other ways of doing that, I just needed one way of doing it. 

Please let me know how it works and I hope you enjoy it.


  • Script updated to 1.1.

    - Added error handling when INE's session hasn't started yet or is already over.
    - Added wait time of 1 second for login to be processed then automatically sending a new line to get a proper prompt.

  • Hi Marcos,

    Thanks for the script, however I keep getting the error message 'The script engine for language 'Python' could not be loaded or failed to initialize, error: 0x80004002'

    Does the script need any modifications ? I installed Active Python and placed the script


    thanks for your help,


  • Hi Marcos,

    Python support appeared in SecureCRT with version 6.6 my version is 6.0.3 - so this is the reason it doesn't work.

    A little pricey for me to upgrade.


    Mark ([email protected])

  • Hey Marcos,

    Thanks for the script, works great for me! I am using Version 7.1.2 (x64 build 316) 

    I was previously using a .vbs script, but I am beginning to pick up python myself and prefer using it =) 


    Thanks again for the share!

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