Task 1.18 STP Root Bridge Election


I am a little confused about the solution given in the task.

The task states to:

  1. Configure SW1 as the STP Root for all active Vlans
  2. If SW1 goes down SW4 should take over as the STP Root for all active Vlans

The way I approched the task is to set SW1 as the primary root and SW4 as the secondary root by issuing the "spanning-tree vlan 9,79,7,67,146,43,5,58,8,22,10 root primary" on SW1 and "spanning-tree vlan 9,79,7,67,146,43,5,58,8,22,10 root secondary" on SW2. The task states for all active vlans.

In the solution, SW1 is configured with a priority of 0 for all active vlans which would make SW1 as the root bridge. On SW4, the priority for the vlan has been set to 4096 which is less than the default priority (32768). Would not this command make SW4 less likely of being the root bridge than SW2 & SW3 which has their priority set to the default?

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