Enabling a Specific Trap - Twice?

Can someone please explain the circumstance in which you'd need to specify a specific trap twice? The IEWB solutions guides sometimes have a specific trap listed twice (like the example below) and sometimes only once.

snmp-server enable traps hsrp

snmp-server host CISCOTRAP hsrp


If I exclude "hsrp" from the second line and then debug snmp packets, I show that the router still sends a trap for HSRP changes. The results indicate that I don't need to specify HSRP at the end of the second line. However, I've had some lab scenarios that do specify the trap (in this case HSRP) twice.


Thanks in advance for your help!





  • In order to generate an SNMP trap and send it you need to conditions

    1) The trap is enabled globally
    2) A host is configured which includes the trap in trap list

    If you configure just a host without a trap list, this particular host will receive ALL traps enabled globally.
    If you want to filter out some globally enabled traps per-host simply specify a list of traps allowed for that host. Basically, in your example is enough just to specify the host IP and community string, without the explicit trap name.

  • Thanks Petr!


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