How is the Proctor in Hongkong for CCIE Voice Lab. I hv date in Oct.

Hi ,

Please share your experiances regarding Proctor and the Lab regarding Voice Track.

Was Lab Slow to access? How was the Proctor ,?


According to your view, whether HK is good Location for Voice Track?





  • peetypeety ✭✭✭

    In my humble opinion, if you're at a point where you're "ready to pass", the proctor and room are completely meaningless.

  • Hey Peety,


    Please share your experiances for HongKong ..

    I have planned for HK but not booked the exam yet.


    Do you really think that I should re-consider my location option. , If yes then request you to let me inderstand what kind of challenges I can face If I opt for Hongkong. Do you think that Proctor play a bad role in HK , or what?


    Which other locations are better ,

    Please advice.




  • Hi Peety,

    I think, I have mis-understood your reply.


    [:)] [:)]

    Thanks for the reply.




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