I'm in the middle of an OTV design for a customer and was wondering what best practice is for HSRP design, specifically in relation to OTV.  I'm doing a classical 'OTV on a stick' where the OTV VDC ports are on M1 cards and the Core VDC ports are on F2 cards.

For each data centre (there are two of them), I have a pair of N7k's, with each 7k having an OTV and a Core VDC (aswell as the default VDC).

With this deployment my left hand OTV VDC has become AED for even vlans, and my right hand side OTV VDC for my odd vlans (this is still set as far as I am aware and cannot be changed).

With the above in mind, I have then tuned STP and HSRP such that my left hand side Core VDC is primary for even vlans and right hand side for odd vlans. 

However, what I am wondering is, because each of my OTV VDC's are L2 VPC connected to each core VDC, and if I'm running 'peer switch', does it really matter or not to tune STP & HSRP this way?

Thanks in advance



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