vpn Overlay 0 or vpn Overlay 1

Hi all,


  I have gone through the guide of filter hsrp hello and mac address from Cisco website as below:


**VACL Filter**

ip access-list ALL_IPs

10 permit ip any any

ip access-list HSRP_IP

10 permit udp any eq 1985

20 permit udp any eq 1985

vlan access-map HSRP_Localization 10

match ip address HSRP_IP

action drop

vlan access-map HSRP_Localization 20

match ip address ALL_IPs

action forward

vlan filter HSRP_Localization vlan-list 10

**OTV MAC route filter**

mac-list OTV_HSRP_VMAC_deny seq 10 deny 0000.0c07.ac00 ffff.ffff.ff00

mac-list OTV_HSRP_VMAC_deny seq 20 deny 0000.0c9f.f000 ffff.ffff.ff00

mac-list OTV_HSRP_VMAC_deny seq 30 permit 0000.0000.0000 0000.0000.0000

route-map OTV_HSRP_filter permit 10

match mac-list OTV_HSRP_VMAC_deny

otv-isis default

vpn Overlay0

redistribute filter route-map OTV_HSRP_filter

My question is in Brain's video, we could see vpn Overlay 0 and vpn Overlay 1 under otv-isis default, what's the difference between these two ? And why we would apply the filter under vpn Overlay 0 in this case ?





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