OSI over TCP/IP model

Hey guys quick question here. I am reading the newly printed CCENT/CCNA ICND 100-101 book by Wendell Odom. It mentions here that the exam and CCNA certification primerely focuses on TCP/IP model. However watching Brian McGahan's video I learned that OSI model is most commonly used and TCP/IP is briefly explained as well as discussed. I can't figure out which of the 2 statements are true? Though I understand that both perform same work in the network using similar protocols but which model should one focus mainly on for the exam purpose? If anyone may know the answer to my question pls reply and thank you for your help.


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    Someone may correct me on this, but my experience has been....

                    Any interview questions and network talk amongst peers/collegues, revolves around the 7 layers. 

    I say do not take shortcuts.  Learn them both.    Learn the 7 OSI layers, and then recognize where they (and the protocols) match to the TCP/IP model.   I have no doubt that the CCNA exam will test you according to their criteria, but why cheat yourself on the information.     If you want to do networking, you will have to know the 7 layers.

  • +1.

    I have seen the OSI model more referenced when talking to people. It is also more granular as it not only serves as reference model for network engineers, but also for application developers.

    Just my 2 cents..

  • I agree and I am studying both. I had spend a large amount of time to study OSI model and now I have been learning and focusing on TCP/IP model as well. I am not cheating my way through, rather I wanted to know if one is more proprietary than the other in today's networking world. The reason I asked this question and I may have formatted it wrong so I apologize, but not because I wanted to take a short cut in learning the material for exam purpose but because of two contradicting statements from two different authors had confused me. While one said that TCP/IP is mainly used nowdays, the other mentioned that OSI is the most commonly used model in today's world. So which statement is true, I am actually confused regarding this matter only. I understand what you are implying and hence I want to learn and understand both the model completely, and I have been giving my dedicated time to learning both the models.

  • True which is mainly talked about but the book that mentioned TCP/IP model as a primary focused model is of Cisco publication itself. Anyone I have spoken to or searched for information has said that OSI model is what one needs to understand and than compare it to TCP/IP model to see where each layer fits of OSI model. So I wasn't sure wheter OSI model is mainly used which everyone says or the TCP/IP model is used which Cisco publications book claims. I am trying ti learn and understand both, so it really doesn't even matter but just curious to know what the theory is behing two contradicting statements.

  • From my perspective it depends. I see the TCP/IP model fits more network theory, whereas the OSI model covers everything (network+software development for example, etc).

    But at the end of the day, OSI model is certainly more used.

    TCP/IP is just "famous" due to the IP protocol

  • Ok good n that was all that I was trying to figure out so thank you for your help. 

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