Migrate Virtual Adapters to Nexus 1000v

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I am stuck in the step of migrating virtual adapters to nexus 1000v in my lab.

Basically I have installed two VSMs in two ESXi hosts successfully, in addtion, I added both two hosts in Nexus 1000v successfully.

However, when I'm going to migrate the existing virtual adapters , I found I could only see and choose virtual adapters in management network of vswitch0, I can't see any of vswitch 1. Obvioulsy I have a vswitch 1 which is a standard switch for VMs.

And due to the face that I have only one vmnic for vmkernels , I was forbidden to migrate that vmnic straighaway anyway. As I know we could keep vswitch0 with vmkernel in native vmware DVS, but just migrate some vmnics for other VMs , but how could I achieve that ?


BTW, I have been stuck in the N1Kv setup for a week.....




  • It seems that only vmkernel virtual adapters could do this way, as virtual adapters for vm could just choose a n1k suffix network label then achieve this.

    However, when I did this to my VMs, it can't ping to outside anymore. And what I would like to achieve is the deployment as below:




    Just using VEM for the VMs , and here's the DVS in my host.


  • How is your VSM side configuration for the uplink-profile you've attached to VMNIC1 looking like? You do have all system VLANs allowed, as well as the VLAN used by your VM?

    Edit: I think the "X" sign on the right side of your VM port-profile's name is indicating the problem, as if the VM VLAN wasn't allowed on any uplink profile, or something like that. It should look like this :




  • In order to perform the migration your should go on your vCenter:


    Select the DVS

    Configuration Tab

    Manage Hosts

    I found that the migration of the vmkernel interface is challenging. It's easy to loose contact with vCenter...

    Something i found that is very handy in order to move VMs from the DVS to the vSwitch and vice-versa:


    Select the DVS

    Summary Tab

    Migrate Virtual Machine Networking

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