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Hi Everyone,

                 I want to submit the report to my company, with all DN's in all clusters which contains DN,First and last name ,and the dialing previliges of all DN's in the list. So i need all these parameters in one Report. Is it possible to take the report in CUCM 8.6 directly. I tried in BAT , to go to Export-->DN Unassigned, but in which mostly all DN's are missing . Please help me out.Thanks.



  • jojo, the first thought is that you're really talking about aggregating multiple tables in CUCM Database into one report.  Short of doing some custom scripting in SQL, you're not going to get EXACTLY what you want.


    that being said, the one thing I can think of is to pull a dump of all phones and check to see if 'Owner User ID' is populated in your system.  If they are, you can correlate the info from the phone.csv from the system and enduser.csv table.


    On the phone.csv, strip out everything except owner user ID, Phone DN, and CSS.  

    in the EndUser.csv, strip out everything excelt user ID, First and Last names.


    Merge those two tables.


    Not sexy, but it gets you the info you want.




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