vNIC , vmnic, vEth on N1Kv VEM and vEth on FIs

Hi all,


I have got a gorgeous diagram from UCS course that contains almost every thing including Nexus switching, Sotrage and UCS as below:



My questions are :

1. Is it right that even we are going to use n1kv for VMs, we would still need to dynamically/manually create vEth on FIs for each uplink (Eth) but not only vmFEX would need that ? In the diagram , vEth1 on Fabric Interconnect A/1 represents vNIC1 of Palo card and Eth3/1 of N1Kv correspondingly ?

2. is there a mistake that vmnic and vmhba should be vnic and vhba on the palo card and vNIC should be vmnic on VMs ?

3. It only demonstrates the lan connectivity from VMs prospective but not san connectivity in the diagram, doesn't it ? Coz I could see there are two vHBAs have been allocated on Palo card but nothing for VMs.


  • 1-Creating vNIC is needed in Palo cards so it will appear like a real interface for the server. It is done by using AdpaterFEX which is almost the vmFex except for the VMware integration. If you look at the command line in the FIs, the vNIC will appear as vEth which is basically the AdapterFex configuration.

    2-vmnic and vmhba is how VMware call any NIC or HBA, which in this case should be the vNIC and vHBA from palo adapter

    3-The vHBAs are usually used for the VMware Hypervisor and not the VMs itself. The Hypervisor creates a file system (vmfs) from the disks from the storage. The disks in the VM are only a file inside this file system which access is given by the Hypervisor itself.


  • Thanks your advice, it helps me a lot!

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