bind/unbind a service profile to a template

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I know that we could bind and unbind a service profile to a template whenever we want, however, what if the policy/policys of that service profile is different with the policy/policys of the template ??? What is going to happen then ? Who is going to win the fight ?

And I reckon template is going to win anyway, so does that mean the OS (bare metal) that is running on the blade that the specific service profile is associated to will be forced to reboot during the compromise process ?


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  • Hey,

    The template will always win. This is true regardless whether we are talking vNIC templates, vHBA templates or service profile templates. Any differences between the profile/vNIC/vHBA and the template will be overwritten by what is configured in the template.

    Changing it might require a reboot - it depends on what is actually changed. If your reboot policy is set to "UserAck", you have to confirm that the system may reboot the service profile. If set to "Immediate", happens straight away.


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