Any help would be appreciated?


I do a research on buliding a new IPv6 header by deleting some fields from the original IPv6 header

i want to build simplified ipv6 header and test it?

Is there any platform or any tool to do my reaserch  and test the performance?

I found NS3 but it's all in  C++ and it is difficult to deal with?

sorry again to ask my question here .



  • Below is on Linux:

    create socket using SOCK_RAW argument. Make it work on ethernet. Form Ethernet header and ethernet type should be other than existing network layer protocols (your own number). Form new 'IP_your' header and data. And send it on socket.

    For reception of this packet you have to create own protocol handler (your own number) above ethernet. This can be done in kernel module.

  • Thanks a lot dineshg

    I want to make my idea clearer

    you know that IPv6 header is 40 bytes 

    my point is that in LAN  if we use link local addresses to communicate

    some fields for example  hop count , Traffic Class , flow label are not needed .

    so i want to build some module or you can call it layer and it's job is to extract these fields from Real IPv6 packet  before deliver the packet down to MAC layer and then send the frame , on the other side the receiving machine will receive the frame then add the extracted fields before deliver it above to layer3 

    Is your suggestion work for this situatuion?


  • try using netfilter hooks on linux. for tx use post routing and on rx use pre routing. this is just a suggestion i don't know whether it will work at rx side....

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