(Remote Rack) Phones


I recently started using INE racks and a bit confused about the (Remote Rack) Phones:

aka - "Branch1 Phone 2 (Remote Rack)" and "CorpHQ Phone 3 (Remote Rack)"

I cannot find or register them at all...

1. I don't see them on INE lab diagram in the Lab Guide, thus I have no idea where they connected to, which vlan, etc...

2. I tried to use "sh cdp nei" on each network device to see which port they might be plugged in - no luck.

3. Variphy Insight of course cannot control them as the IP-address is not known, and seems they are not getting IPs via my dhcps

I tried to enable AutoRegister on CM to see what registers, got some sets, but neighter of them has MAC accordding to the Module config file...

I'm using my own 6 phones and have no problem to provision/use them. Those 2 misterious (Remote Rack) sets 

driving me crazy

Please point me in the right direction.

Thank you!


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