processor and memory for dynamip

G'day all,

Could somebody tell me required processor and memory size to run ine dynamip labs?


  • A dual core processor and 4 GB RAM should get you by. The more RAM the better, it's very cheap these days anyways.

  • I currently use an i7 with 16GB of RAM.

    You can always tweak idlepc and idlemax which is highly recommended from a processor side. As for the memory, you can tell how much memory you want to assign to each device.

    If you are running a R&S rack you should be able to turn on all the routers with 4 of RAM giving 192MB of RAM to each router.

    For the Security rack you will probably need to consider more RAM as there are other devices like the ASA and IPS that consume a lot of RAM


    Good luck!

  • For me a Core 2 Quad (ref Q9400) CPU + 7 GB of RAM is enough to run any INE RS lab.

  • I have two setups at home:

    100% dynamips VM on ESXi

    -quad core 64bit

    -8gig RAM

    -Ubuntu server

    Server/Breakout ports + Real switches

    -Single core Intel Cerleron M

    -4 gig RAM

    -Ubuntu server


    Both run the topologies but the second gives me problems and Im almost to the point of ditching it. I cant trust the hardware so when Im troubleshooting an issue I always fall back on "its hardware".

    The VM I uses almost extensivly for my labbing. When i need to work with the switches Ill fire up the other or rent a rack from INE

  • I know this is an old thread, but this was my dynamips box which comfortably ran anything I threw at at:


    Older Athlon quad-core with 4Gb of ram. This can easily be pushed to 8Gb these days as its so cheap. This was running Ubuntu.


    I foound the sweet spot to run both 12.4T and 12.2SRE to be roughly 160Mb RAM per running router. So evn 10 live routers is using well under 2Gb RAM.

  • Mellowd, 

    I have worked on Intel Core 2 Duo for more than 10 routers with only 2GB RAM. So, I believe you have good configuration. You can easily run 10 router without any disruption.

    Good luck!

  • Here are 2 things that you should take into consideration:


    idlemax (this works best for me set to 100)

    I have had better results when running all of my devices on the same image (instead of some using 3725 and others running 7200 for example). 

    The most I've been able to squeeze out of 4GB of RAM has been 32 devices (the INE troubleshooting topology). I was able to keep my CPU at 5-8% with the idlepc and idlemax tweaked for optimal performance. 


  • I run an i7 with 4 GB RAM. The topology runs fine, however, the system fan sounds like an airplane about to take off as soon as i start it all up!!!

  • however, the system fan sounds like an airplane about to take off as soon as i start it all up!!!

    Haha.. thats correct.. initially it has to process without having proper idle pc value. Once you set the appropriate idle pc value, it just runs smoothly. :)

  • I have an i7 laptop with 8 gb ram running the inter-as option C topology (2621s as R7,R8,SW1, & SW2 and 8 7206VXRs). After the upgrade to 0.8.6, with the idle pc not set cpu utilization is 70-80% idling, with the idle pc auto set it is 4%. The free memory is about 4 gig so unless you were trying to run something especially heavy with GNS it should run just fine.



  • I have a Dual core i5s with 4GB RAM, I have no problem running the v4 topology. 10 3725's, 6 are routers, 4 are switches. I use loopbacks on the R6, R4 and R2 to simulate the backbones. I have no issues with the topology. 


    For the SP track I use 10 7206VXRs running 15.2(4)M2, I know this is way beyond the image on Cisco's website but it does the job. Unfortunately I am just finishing the CCNP so I have a long way to go before I get the CCIE R&S and SP over with. I would really like to dedicate about 2 months to just reading through all the R&S and SP technologies and config guides. I also go to school 3/4 time, 14 credits next semester so I have to balance my load. I won't be doing very much labbing in the next couple of months, I will be focusing on the CCIE R&S v5 written.


    I really hope INE gives us an idea as to when they plan on getting the written and Lab ATC VoD started and an expanded blueprint to work off of. 

    OUt of curiousity, does anyone know if you can take the v5 lab now or not, I know it goes live in June but wondered if you could take it earlier than that?



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