CUE license issue

Hi all,

i installed an AIM cue module in my lab and went to the configu inizialization process.

I needed to upgrade from older version to 7.0.1. No problem usig freeftpd. 

The previuos version had only the mailbox license which i upgraded succesfully but then i wanted to add an ivr license file. i downloaded from cisco

and used the software install clean command to install the license file.

All the process went on but after the cue came online again i got the ERROR hot initialitation failed.

What was wrong ? i went also through a factory default and repeated the procedue, same result.




ps: do i really need the ivr license to practice the ivrcall handler feature of cue? 


  • Hi,

    You don't need IVR license to practice voice labs. IVR licenses are for VXML IVR sessions/database access etc. which normally you dont' need. You just need CUE Port license so that you can establish a call through CME or CM.

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