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Do you know a way to configure cucm so that every user associated with a phone has to enter his unique authentication code to dial international calls? I don't want to make multiple route patterns with associated fac codes and put them in separate partitions accessible for each user.

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  • Hi,

    There is an workaround. You can configure username/password for FAC for multiple users with same Authorization level. For example:

    Username: user_a, Password: 1234, Authorization Level: 15

    Username: user_b, Password: 4321, Authorization Level: 15

    And use the same authorization level for the route pattern. The only issue for this workaround is if any user knows the password for others then he can use the same. But no worries, the CDR contains the FAC codes - so it's easy to identify which phone tried to use which route pattern with which FAC. 

    Extension Mobility is another way around to restrict callers with different permissions.


  • you can create separate CMC codes and give them for users to use as a password when dialing INTL numbers.

    You have to check require CMC on route-pattern.

    Of cource if one user finds about CMC of another user he can use it. But again CDR will reveal MAC address of the calling phone.

    For example, create 10 CMC codes






    share any of this with user, so he can use it at the beep tone to enter. Make a note for youself that user A will only use CMC 111.

    If you notice in CDR that userA entered another CMC, you can find violation.

    Try to make CMC very difficult to hack to elminate chance of violation


    Alternatively, there are several products that can be integrated with CUCM for CMC dialing purposes.

    The most common that i've seen is LiteScape CallTrack Pro. You can find additional info on their website.

    It is granular way of doing CMC authorization if your company is large enough.


  • Thank you both for your answers. I have a question for Mijanur. When I'm creating a user, I cannot find a field to enter authorization level. I put authorization level 15 on route pattern, I created a user and then I associated it with a phone. When I dial the digits on that route pattern to test it, it prompt me to enter fac code and when I enter the user password the call is rejected.

  • Hi,

    The option is not under creating user. It's under 'Force Authorization Code Configuration', you will find 3 fields there. Code Name/Code/Authorization Level. So give the name of the users at the 'Name' field. I told you, it's kind of workaround but it works perfect. :)

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